Palo Alto, CA – On April 11th, Micas Networks participated in the AI Infra Summit in Palo Alto , exhibiting its latest open networking solutions tailored specifically for AI use cases. The solution is engineered to provide high throughput, ultra scalability, reliable congestion control and customization flexibility, essential for powering the most demanding AI workloads. Overall, it offers a more customizable and achievable path for AI facility users to meet their specific network needs. (learn more about the solution here).

During the event, Micas Networks also highlighted its cutting-edge technology, featuring the W6940-128QC Tomahawk 5 switch, which offers 128 x 400GbE ports interface in 4 RU chassis, and delivers high performance with complete L2 and L3 forwarding features in modern large-scale data center networks. The switch is designed for AI/ML, high-performance computing, and distributed storage applications. It provides ultra-high performance, low latency, and high reliability, and supports RoCEv2 data forwarding.

The company’s presence at the event underscores its commitment to innovation and leadership in the evolving field of AI infrastructure. By showcasing its products at this summit, Micas Networks aims to connect with industry peers, share insights, and explore new opportunities in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.

“We are thrilled to have participated in the Ai Infra market event and to showcase our latest AI-optimized networking solutions,” said Tim Lin, Senior Director of Engineering of Micas Networks. “Our products are designed to empower AI innovation, and we are excited to engage with the industry to further discuss how our technology can support the growing needs of AI applications.”

This participation marks another step in Micas Networks’ journey to become a leading provider of open networking solutions tailored for the AI era.

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