Micas Networks

As AI/ML redefines business, the need is for agility to deliver more, faster data – all while reducing power. Micas’ end to end Open Networking Platform delivers high-performance, energy-efficient solutions that drive the acceleration of global data delivery. With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize collaboration and continuously push boundaries to exceed expectations and achieve our vision.

Open Networking Platform

Delivering flexible performance driven end to end solutions that make you confident to deploy Micas Networks solutions in the most challenging Data Center environments.

Data Center Open Networking Switching

Unleash the Power of
Open Networking

Delivering a full portfolio of networking switches for edge, core and cloud

Cloud Switching Solutions

Agile, scalable solutions for high-performance cloud environments

Data Center Core Switches

Powering high-performance data flow and connectivity

Edge Switch Offerings

Efficient connectivity and data transfer at the networks edge


Data Center Switch Development Services

Switch Development

We deliver comprehensive data center networking switch development services, leveraging engineering expertise, supply chain management, and high-quality manufacturing capabilities.

Our team’s deep experience enables cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique requirements of cloud, AI/ML, and other high-performance, low-power data center applications.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can work together to build next generation open networking products for you.


Delivering Leading Open Networking Solutions

AI/ML Architectures

Data center networking solutions for accelerated, high-performance offerings with low latency and power consumption.


Powering Open Networking with SONiC

Micas Networks specializes in offering open networking switch deployments powered by the SONiC network operating system. With our expertise, we provide customized installation, customization, optimization, and performance tuning services for SONiC-based operating system deployments. Experience the power of Micas Networks switchs with SONiC in delivering tailored and seamlessly integrated open networking switch solutions.

Ecosystem Partners

Micas Networks proudly collaborates with ecosystem partners, actively contributing to accelerate open networking solutions for data centers. Together, we strive to drive innovation and advancement in the realm of open networking, fostering a robust ecosystem for the data center industry.