M-Care+ features flexible spare parts and on-site services tailored to customer’s requirements. With global service teams, we’re committed to providing efficient, professional support for continuous and stable operation.

For service request, you can File a Case at our portal, or call our Service Hotline: +1(855)-702-0551

*M-Care+ is offered on a subscription basis and provided at purchase time.


Device Maintenance Service

  • 9x5x15CD-S Basic RFR Service
  • 9x5xNBD Standard AHR Service*
  • 24x7x4 Golden AHR Service*
  • 9x5xNBD Standard Onsite Service
  • 24x7x4 Golden Onsite Service

System Integration Service

  • Hardware Installation Service
  • Software & Network Configuration Service

Device Maintenance Service

  • Critical moment Onsite Support
  • Man-day/Man-hour Service
Contact the M-Care+ team for support and service requests.

Device Maintenance Service

Customers can take advantage of our advanced hardware replacement service after Micas confirms a hardware failure. Customers return the faulty hardware within 15 days to Micas’ designated receiving point, with logistics costs covered by Micas.

The replacement hardware is either the same model or another model of the same grade. If the original model is discontinued or unavailable, Micas offers alternative models or boards of equivalent grade. The hardware provided by Micas becomes the customer’s property, while the faulty hardware belongs to Micas. In special circumstances where the customer cannot return the faulty hardware, they purchase the corresponding replacement hardware separately.

(Customers are responsible for loss or damage during shipment. Failure to return the hardware within 15 days results in a purchase at catalog price. After the expiration date, Micas downgrades the service to hardware replacement, sending available hardware upon receiving the faulty hardware from the customer.)

*Onsite Support

If product issue requests cannot be effectively resolved through remote technical support, Micas will determine the need for on-site manual service support. In these cases, Micas dispatches qualified technical support engineers to the customer’s site within the service level agreement time frame. Our engineers assist in analyzing and diagnosing on-site failures, developing a failback plan, and providing comprehensive troubleshooting assistance.

Please get in touch with Micas’ support team for more information.

Technical Service Hotline: +1(855)-702-0551